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Quality socks for the homeless
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OUR MISSION: "Helping organizations restore a feeling of dignity by providing them with quality socks for their homeless guests and neighbors."

Throughout the year, WORTHY SOCKS delivers thousands of brand new, quality, comfortable socks to frontline organizations dedicated to those experiencing homelessness and poverty. Our goal is to help restore worthiness and hope to forgotten friends and neighbors.

We need your support to extend this ministry beyond this year. Thank you!


"Manna House is located somewhere between hope and heartbreak. Perhaps you are too. Heartbreak is more common. It is part of a daily grinding reality for our guests. Poverty and homelessness destroy people. So many of our guests come to Manna House exhausted and fall asleep in the chairs in the backyard. Other guests come battered from a fight or a fall. " Dr. Peter Gathje, Co-Founder MANNA HOUSE (Memphis)  - click here for full article

Most of us never have to stop and think about socks. We have a drawer full of clean, dry socks that we can go to anytime we choose. We get to change socks by simply walking straight to our sock drawer. Unfortunately, for those who do not have a home, it frequently means walking 5-10 miles every day seeking life's bare necessities. Those walks are often made with incorrectly sized shoes and socks that are dirty, worn out, and many times soaking wet.

One of the primary reasons a homeless person goes to the emergency room is related to serious foot ailments. Many times those ailments are related to wearing dirty socks. The answer is quality, clean, comfortable socks.


That is where WORTHY SOCKS comes in - ensuring that our dedicated frontline partners (who directly serve the homeless) have an ongoing supply of quality, new, comfortable socks.

Quality socks for the homeless

Most of us have a drawer full of clean,

comfortable socks to choose from everyday.

Our homeless friends & neighbors often

own only a single pairof worn, dirty socks.

People who have experienced homelessness say that small acts of kindness can be profoundly meaningful. Your gift will make a difference! Help is needed in providing brand new, comfortable, clean socks to the homeless.

Quality socks for Memphis homeless community
Quality, comfortable socks for the homeless

We're different from designer sock campaigns. Instead of buy one/give one, we focus on a cost effective donation approach. Quality socks for the homeless. Exceptional value for donors.

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