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Help restore hope to forgotten friends and neighbors.

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"Helping restore a feeling of dignity by providing brand new, clean, dry socks to the homeless."

Each month, Worthy Socks delivers quality, comfortable socks to neighborhood communities serving those experiencing homelessness and poverty. Our goal is to help restore worthiness and hope to forgotten friends and neighbors.

Sock donations for the homeless

Helping one person might not change the world,

but it could change the world for one person.

Photo compliments of MANNA HOUSE

Socks for the homeless are one of the most needed items at shelters and hospitality homes, but are one of the least donated.

No one should go without comfortable, dry socks. But too often, many do. While quality socks are one of the most wanted items on the streets, they unfortunately are not readily available at shelters and homeless communities.

Activities that most of us can do simply by walking from one room to another in the comfort of our home requires the homeless to travel miles every day. Their wear on socks are substantially more than the average person.

Sock drawer donations.
Quality socks for the homeless

Most of us have a drawer full 

of clean, comfortable socks

to choose from everyday.

Our homeless neighbors

often own a single pair

of worn, dirty socks.

People who have experienced homelessness say that small acts of kindness can be profoundly meaningful. Your gift today goes to work immediately in providing brand new, comfortable, clean, dry socks for the homeless.

Quality socks for Memphis homeless community
Quality, comfortable socks for the homeless

We're different from the popular "buy one - give one" designer sock campaigns. Instead of one-for-one, we focus on a cost effective donation approach. Quality socks for the homeless!