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"Purchased at substantial discounts from the manufacturer, we've delivered thousands

of brand new, high quality, comfortable socks each year to our frontline partners

who serve the homeless and those experiencing poverty."

David Josey Co-Founder - WORTHY SOCKS

Frontline Partner Testaments

"WORTHY SOCKS is a real blessing to our guests at MANNA HOUSE. Rain, sweat, the dirt and grime of the streets, makes getting a fresh pair of socks crucial to our guests from the streets. Without this ministry, we would find it difficult to maintain our sock hospitality. Also, the socks from WORTHY SOCKS are high quality, which our guests very much appreciate." 

Dr. Pete Gathje, Founder and Co-Director - MANNA HOUSE, Memphis TN

​"Socks from WORTHY SOCKS are of great quality​. ​I am proud to walk upstairs to get a pair and hand them to a neighbor.​ CONSTANCE ABBEY has grown organically from the requests of our neighbors.  We have morning and evening prayer, coffee, three meal servings daily, laundry service, clothing, showers, and assistance with recovery, housing, employment, medical needs, and government assistance​."​

Roger Wolcott, Director and Co-Founder - CONSTANCE ABBEY, Memphis TN - Roger  passed away on December 24, 2022. He and his wife Margie were meaningful friends and advocates for the Memphis homeless.

Testimonial - Washington DC

"​In the Fall of 2020, the founder of WORTHY SOCKS contacted me when he learned that I give socks to Homeless People. ​He said he wanted to give my organization, FRIEND TO THE HOMELESS, a supply of quality socks. I was surprised and delighted but it was hard to believe until I received a shipment of more than 1,000 pairs of socks. A small group of volunteers and I give socks to Homeless People in Homeless tent cities and Homeless areas across Washington, DC. Recently church friends made donations to WORTHY SOCKS which replenished our supply of quality socks. I recommend supporting WORTHY SOCKS to all my friends and contacts."  Jacob Folger, Founder - FRIEND TO THE HOMELESS

Truth Perspective - New York City

“Nobody wants to be homeless. People who are in the street are playing the best hand they have been dealt. Sometimes they are choosing not to stay in a shelter because they had a bad experience, or they are afraid of catching Covid. Sometimes they are self-medicating because of deep pain, like abuse or neglect. Sometimes they are dealing with mental or physical disabilities that hold them back from living their best life.


Sometimes they simply lost their job, experienced a bad breakup, or just took a risk and it didn’t pan out. Homelessness is never a first choice, it is always a worst case scenario. People experiencing homelessness are stronger than those of us who are housed can imagine. They are not lazy. They are fighting uphill, against the wind, carrying everything they own along the way. They deserve our respect, our appreciation, and our time. We have a lot to learn from them.” 

Josiah Haken, City Program Officer, City Relief NYC

Socks for the homeless
Socks for the homeless
Socks for the homeless
Donate Socks for the homeless
Photo compliments of MANNA HOUSE
Photo compliments of CONSTANCE ABBEY
Photo compliments of MANNA HOUSE
Photo compliments of CONSTANCE ABBEY
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