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Socks for the homeless
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Socks for the homeless

No company on

the planet has done

more than BOMBAS SOCKS in

bringing awareness to the on-going needs and plight of the Homeless. WORTHY SOCKS is a little different. Instead of buy one/give one, we take a slightly different approach. 

i.e. Our $50 "JOY" SOCK DONATION BUNDLE provides comfortable, high quality socks for 50 homeless guests. Yes,

you read that correctly - fifty! WORTHY SOCKS'S cost-effective goal is simple. "The more quality socks per donated dollars, the more comfortably covered feet." 

We are not sock retailers or wholesalers. Worthy Socks buys quality, thick cotton, comfortable socks at significantly discounted prices direct from the manufacturer. This enables your generosity and donation to do the most good.

Quality Socks for our homeless friends. Exceptional Value for our donors.

Ultra Cushioned Cotton Blend

Socks for the homeless
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