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Proud to Walk Upstairs

"Socks from WORTHY SOCKS are of great quality​. ​I am proud to walk upstairs to get

a pair and hand them to a neighbor."​Roger Wolcott, Co-Founder - CONSTANCE ABBEY

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Our Memphis Frontline Partners

Constance Abbey -  Worthy Socks Memphis Partner for the homeless.
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Manna House - Worthy Socks Memphis Partner for the homeless.
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"Throughout the year, we deliver thousands of brand new, high quality, comfortable socks to

our Memphis frontline partners serving the homeless."  Co-Founder - WORTHY SOCKS

Quality Socks are Essential and In Big Demand by Frontline Organizations

  • ​In serving their homeless guests and neighbo​rs, socks are one of the most frequently needed items by shelters ​and hospitality homes. Unfortunately, socks (particularly quality socks) are one of the least items donated. Quality socks are preferred and are the best socks for the homeless.

  • Clean, dry socks are one of the best ways to prevent skin and nail infections. These health issues can be painful and crippling especially when you're homeless and have no place to call home where you can rest and heal.

  • Those activities that most of us can do simply by walking from one room to another in the comfort of our home requires the homeless to travel miles every single day. Their wear on shoes and socks are substantially more than the average person.

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