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Worthy Socks is "About Them" - our homeless friends. It is not about us. We are not a retailer or a wholesaler of socks. Worthy Socks purchases quality, cotton socks at bulk prices, stretching donor dollars while benefitting our partners and their guests. 


We have no ambition or desire to profit by the initiatives of Worthy Socks other than the satisfaction gained by partnering with front line organizations who are dedicated to serving the homeless community. Our hope is that Worthy Socks can play a small supporting role that leads to our homeless friends and neighbors feeling valued and loved.

We're long time Memphians. While I am a native Mississippian, my wife was born and raised in Memphis. Over our lifetime, we have been blessed and inspired by wonderful families and friends - extraordinarily selfless individuals, full of compassion and kindness. Like those "front line" organizations CONSTANCE ABBEY, MANNA HOUSE, and JAKE FOLGER HOMELESS FRIENDS OUTREACH, their love for mankind has been an inspiration for Worthy Socks.


Whether through Worthy Socks or another organization centered around helping others in time of need, we hope you will consider helping restore dignity and hope for those who need it most.

David H. Josey

Co-founder (Jan '21) 


Memphis, Tennessee

Worthy socks for Memphis homeless community
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